Save over 100 Million Households From Stinky, Messy Carts

Retailers nationwide are helping their communities with solutions for odor control with Toter’s PowerFresh odor eliminators and cart liners. Toter’s PowerFresh odor eliminators and cart liners curb the smell of trash day every day from the inside out. With our latest products, we’ve brought extreme freshness and odor-fighting power to Toter trash carts – the legendary brand that’s Built for Extremes. We’re spreading the freshness. We hope you’ll spread the good news to your customers.

Features & Benefits
Fights tough odors to maintain freshness of your trash cart

Easily adheres to the inside of the trash cart lid
Uniquely designed to fit any trash cart

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Extreme Purpose


Trash Can Odor Eliminators


Citrus blast scent available in 60-day refillable packs

Toter PowerFresh Odor Eliminators are uniquely designed to fight tough trash can odors around the clock, leaving a fresh citrus fragrance.

The .22-ounce packet – which also contains citronella – slides into a refillable 
housing that adheres to the inside of any sized cart to keep it smelling fresh 
for 30 days.

Cart Liners

Shield your cart from sticky messes to keep your cart clean and virtually odor free with Toter’s cart liners. Created with odor eliminators to help combat smell, Toter’s cart liners are the first full-size liners made specifically to fit two wheel carts.

Features & Benefits
Toter’s new “clean to the extreme” solution eliminates the need to rinse out your cart. On trash day, cart liners easily slip out and fall right into the garbage truck, and best of all, Toter Cart Liners, with their built-in odor shields, are designed to fit most brands of trash carts.

Extreme Purpose

Covers the inside of carts to protect against sticky messes

Easily slips out and falls right into garbage truck on pick-up days  

Durable 75% recycled plastic material 

These fast moving items are available today!

Contains a built-in odor shield

Available in 48-, 64-, and 96-gallon sizes