Organics Products

Two Wheel Organics Carts

  • Rugged Rim® provides extra rigidity where it is needed most
  • Carts feature the industry’s best tilt-to-roll ratio for effortless maneuverability

Food waste is one of the largest and fastest growing components of the waste stream, and Toter® offers a systems-based solution for its safe collection, transport and storage. Our specially designed carts and containers make collecting, transporting and storing heavy, wet organic waste safe and easy. That means you can reduce waste disposal costs and support your sustainability efforts at the same time.

Safe, Durable & Easily Maneuverable.

Organics FELs

  • Durable, single-piece lid with trap door keeps out insects, rodents and animals
  • Steel rod reinforced rim and base prevent bowing
  • Provides up to 3X greater service life than steel containers

Organics Bins

  • 2-gallon and 13-gallon sizes
  • Easy to collect and transport organic materials from residents' homes
  • Custom colors available

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