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In 2020, Wastequip (Toter’s parent company) introduced its Corporate Responsibility program (CORE).  As part of this program, Toter has committed to  reducing the amount of virgin resin used in our entire cart manufacturing operation by 25%. This commitment, known as Project25, will help reduce Toter’s carbon footprint by at least 9% per cart.*   

To achieve the commitments outlined in Project25, Toter will incorporate post-consumer (PCR) and post-industrial (PIR) sources of recycled material for our most popular colors. Additionally. Toter will offer material traceability so customers will know the amount PCR and PIR used in their order. 

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Of course, no matter how much recycled content goes in, or how much virgin resin we keep out, all of our carts offer legendary Toter toughness and durability, which is critical to decreasing a cart’s carbon frootprint.

With Project25, Toter continues to lead in the industry in manufacturing carts that are more sustainable without sacrificing  quality or color selection. Find out more about our LCA and Project25, and how to help reduce the carbon footprint of your carts at


25% reduction in virgin plastic resin use


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* In 2020, Wastequip commissioned Resource Recycling Systems to conduct an ISO 14044 compliant life cycle assessment (LCA) with critical review that evaluated the cradle to grave carbon footprint of a Toter cart.  The LCA estimated that 62% of a Toter cart’s environmental footprint comes from resin.

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